Adult Courses

 Interest Courses-Corsi Offerti

  • Beginner-Principianti
  • Intermediate-Intermedi
  • Advanced-Avanzati
Registration September 7th, 2019
Location Laurier-Carrière School

Saturday Mornings


Duration September - June
Cost 250$ (Includes books and materials)


A placement test is required to evaluate the student's knowledge of the language.

Un test per valutare il livello di conoscenza della lingua verra' effettuato per le classi intermedie e avanzate.

"Non Scholae sed Vitae Discites- Non imparare per la scuola ma per la vita"



Communicative Skills

Practical situations are used to teach communicative skills such as greetings, identification of objects, directions whether using a vehicle, public transport or walking, planning a trip to Italy, meals, food and restaurant situations, carrying on a conversation in various situations, expressions of time, simple translations Italian/English or French, common dialogue, Poems, numbers etc.

Linguistic Content

In the process of learning how to use the language the following structures will be addressed: the use of personal pronouns, irregular and auxiliary verbs structure and use in the simple indicative tenses, reflexive verbs, definite and indefinite articles, adjectives, their forms and agreement, affirmative and negative sentences, and prepositions.

Other Components

Pronunciation and formal and informal forms of address are taught throughout the course, in addition to a cultural sketch of Italy, its inhabitants, dialects, names and gestures.

Materials- Materiale didattico

Provided by the instructor

Fornito dall'insegnante